Avogen Medical is a group within the Avoscience companies that traces its origins to discovery work in Central America in the 1980’s, the first result of which was the characterization of a new lipid family found in an avocado varietal unique to the Guatemalan highlands.

The extraction/isolation workups led to safety and morphology evaluations in part at the Greenfield Toxicology Laboratories of Eli Lilly Company, completed in 1990. The newly found molecules exhibited no toxicity by standard measurements but their therapeutic utility remained obscure.

The data remained in limbo for another ten years until a process to extract and purify production volumes of natural material became feasible. With that began our observations with greater human populations in 2003 (www.302 Skincare), and in 2010, by dietary uptake in amounts equivalent to one avocado per day (Avogen Dietary Supplement).

The data established a common denominator both in and out of the cellular domain. Signaling behavior supported by the extract guided rapid tissue morphology and cell behavior improvements most noticeable in aged tissues.

Further, the activity was atypical of small molecules, as observed by the well tolerated nature of response, and that increasing doses did not affect visible outcome.

By 2016 the focus centered on one key molecule identified as Avocatin B. This lipidic furan constitutes the dominant structure in the natural avocado extract and successful synthesis of it in 2017 for production purposes opened the possibilities to reach many end users.

In 2017 Avogen Medical began topical human trials to gauge the utility of Avocatin B in reversing the appearance of age related conditions. Unwinding those is accomplished by supporting softer tissue formation that translates to a youthful look and activity.