Topical Drops
Topical Drops
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Improve the appearance of aging, sun damaged skin

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Ingredients: Natural Avocado Oil and Avocatin 302* (a naturally occurring avocado molecule)

* Avocatin 302 refers to a 302 molecular weight lipid furan (302 furanyl lipid), a lightly textured, fast absorbed oil. We believe the folklore about the beneficial effects to the skin from avocados are based on its chemistry.

Instructions: Wash skin with mild cleanser, rinse and leave application area wet. Dispense one or two drops of product directly onto area. Allow product to penetrate naturally with only very slight rub-in. Product will absorb in thirty (30) minutes or less. Apply product once daily until aging appearance has been reduced satisfactorily.

Apply product once daily.

There are approximately 500 drops in the 15cc (1/2 ounce) container.

Mild, non-acid cleanser recommended.

Storage: Store product away from heat (keep below 100F / 37C). Refrigeration will cloud product and is not necessary to prolong shelf life. Product is stable over two years from date of manufacture when stored properly. Refer to “Best Before” date on product label.

Topical use only. Before your first application, allow two weeks to expire after any chemical exfoliation to the area. Chemical exfoliation or “peels” using acids may leave your skin very sensitive. These acid ingredients are in many topical products, especially cleansers and liquid makeup. If you are unsure, contact us or your skincare professional with your topical product usage information in hand.

Some pinking of the skin may occur in the first three days. This is normal.

Discontinue if irritation occurs. Contact your physician. Do not apply hydrocortisone or other topical products in an attempt to reduce irritation.

Advisory: Actinic keratosis (AK) is a skin lesion classified as precancerous. These lesions can be found on the face, neck, ears and back of hands and forearms from long standing sun damage.

AK’s generally are rough and red with poorly defined borders of usually a few centimeters. AK’s also can be flat, smooth and in various hues, including white.

These lesions often re-appear despite the best medical treatment. See your dermatologist for evaluation.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.